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Haiku integrates with your salon system to invite your overdue and lapsed clients back. It starts a conversation with your clients and predicts their individual client behaviour

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Smart Marketing is 9x more effective

Our powerful app brings thousands of extra bookings a week across our salons. 

The secret is in the way Haiku has a personalised conversation with each of your clients. Treating them like valuable individuals to show that you care.

Powered by over $100 million in bookings

Haiku was forged from the success of, with over 3 million bookings, 10,000+ salons and a very special group of Australian salon owners helping us.

Automatic Re-booking 


Integrates with 250+ Salon systems

Follow-up is the key

Treat your clients as Individuals

Haiku shows that you care. Conversations instead of once-off blasts. Haiku sends multiple messages over a period of time to warm them up before asking them to book 

Haiku looks at your entire client history and predicts each and every clients behaviour. Fixed SMS blasts get the timing wrong 85% of the time. Your clients are special and deserve more.

Our friends of Honee, who helped us make Haiku simple and powerful:

Natalie Anne

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Powerful and Completely Automatic client re-booking

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Guaranteed bookings or your money back

Haiku will get you results or your money back. If at the end of the first month Haiku has not generated returns to at least the value of your investment you will receive a refund in full.

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